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Staff Sgt. Reckless
“The Little Horse that Could”

To all of the American Heroes and Korean Vets that have been contacting me for the last three years to paint my impression of that unbelievable WAR Horse, SSgt. Reckless. She is now on the canvas and finished. I have placed her right in the thick of the full battle of Vegas Hill top. Orders are already coming in from vets and those who just can’t get enough of this fantastic true WAR HORSE!

After going over and over the stories, photos and seeing the movie "WAR HORSE”, I finally got out my special Horse painting brushes and a large 24X36 canvas.

She started to come alive when I started to paint her in full battle action, bring all the supplies and 75 MM shells up that impregnable hill top to keep the M20’s firing away, along with spooling the communication wire from site to site.

This special painting is dedicated to my love for the heroic service horses along with our founding fathers as well as the patriots that came after them fighting to make and keep this great nation of democracy and freedom alive and well today.

Thank you, to those who hounded me to do this painting. It is now here in time for Christmas and the Holiday gift giving season.

Any questions about ordering a high quality print of the painting framed only limited Edition High quality Giclee Canvas, hand repainted prints of SSgt. Reckless, Please contact me at my e-mail rhauser@peoplepc.com.

For those who would like to go to my web site to see other works, please click on www.ronhauserartist.com . This will show you that I am a painter of HISTORY.

Peace be with you all and may "GOD always Bless the USA",

Ron Hauser aka "The Canvas Cowboy"

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