Ron was painting his vision of Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" Ron had been working on this idea that Hemingway was thinking that he was the fisherman in the boat in his most successful novel.

Ron knowing that Marlin Fishing was Hemingway's best sport. The boat was a fifteen foot antique fishing skiff and the fish was eighteen feet long. They where in the worst storm and had been battling each other for two days while the shark was closely lurking, which was the ending of the book. Please note that Hemingway had three of his famous six toed cats accompanied with him.

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"Old Man and the Sea" by Ron Hauser

Thank you to the Staff of the Hemingway Home, Key West for having Ron finish the painting live and visit with his fans.


Ron started his artist career in 2001 after being disabled from an accident. Wife, Mary suggested he start painting as therapy to pass the time after being retired from his 40 plus years involved in world class marketing and management for 5 different large international corporations.

With a minor in Art, but not having formal studies in oil painting or drawing, Ron had to reach back into his family’s genetic background. Both his mother & birth father had been artists, and he always had a flair for drawing.

As Ron states “It runs in my family, and I feel that God has given me a special gift late in life to do something good by passing it forward to make a difference.” He is an instructor at the St. Charles Community College teaching Oil Painting, has a traveling Art Gallery exhibit, displaying his works on historical people and moments in time. His abilities to help others are also used by offering to give motivational speaking sessions for different groups.

Ron has been featured in several interviews for television news broadcasts on “Making a Difference”, magazines, festivals and privately sponsored showings. His works of art now hang on walls of museums, and homes in several cities and countries such as Washington D.C., Australia, Japan, Canada and others within the past few years.

He plans to continue using his talent as an artist to help fund children’s special needs programs and other philanthropic organizations.


Ron Teaches Introduction to Oil Painting @ St Charles Community College Learn For Life

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